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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 12, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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be put to death. >> at first, it was one woman the army's criminal investigation command made the announcement this afternoon at you came forward to talk about fort hood in tex a of course the abuse that happened about 15 that was the scene of the years ago, according to the woman. shooting rampage that killed and then others came forward. 13 people one week ago today. the u.s. army reports that there are abusers told them to major hasan opened fire on ride the bad memories down and unarmed soldiers preparing to put them in a jar -- their deploy to iraq and afghanistan. since those murders abusers told them to write down investigators have been digging into his background and today are hearing the bad memories. >shepard: thank you, rick something about his very questionable history. let's start with the charges against him, catherine herridge. folbaum. >> before the charges were announced at fort hood, shep, and if you watched this show, earlier today, a military row official told fox that fort you know we love bears. hood would be a likely venue because it's where the crime and there was a shooting, but we happened and where the bulk of the witnesses are located and do not know why. [ male announcer ] 100 potato chips where the evidence is located an logistically fort handle could handle a trial of this stature. earlier this week, the major's
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attorney hinted strongly that if fort hood was chosen woe push for a change of venue for obvious reasons. shepard: and what about reports of a possible pakistan connection, is there anything to that? >> a few minutes ago, i got off the phone with pete hoekstra from the house and intelligence committee and he confirmed that he has heard from some of his contacts inside and outside the intelligence community and he said there is real concern that major hasan may have been transferring money from the united states to pakistan prior to the attacks. the congressman described this to me as a real lead or potential lead that was being run down by federal authorities. what i know separately from ply report something that in addition to the apartment, the computer and cell phone records, they were going through the banking records to get a better picture of his background. shepard: catherine herridge live in washington. thank you. breaking news now. former president george w. bush is speaking live for the first time from southern
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university in texas. >> i'm also pleased to be sharing the stage with laura. she has been an awesome partner for the past 32 years, and 7 days. i think she is the best former first lady in the nation's history. [applause] although i better be a little careful. competition in the family. i'm glad to be with our daughter jenna and we're looking forward to having our daughter barbara come to dallas tonight. one of the joys of my time in or 100 pringles. public service has been watching our girls grow into both cost the same, but only the pringles superstack can professional women, who are makes everything pop! making a contribution to our ♪
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♪ whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh society. barbara has started a health ♪ ♪ hey, hey n.g.o. and jenna is a teacher. [ male announcer ] the choice is yours... 100 of these or 100 pringles. >> as you may have heard, she's also a correspondent for "the same cost but a lot more fun. everything pops with the pringles superstack can! today show," thus continuing the bush family tradition of warm relations with the press. i am grateful to the members of my administration. shepard: bear alert, not one, i appreciate my dear friend don evans for take the lead in but two bear alerts. this important project. i want to thank the members of the presidential center board, they were busted doing what bea including brother marvin. i appreciate the leadership of rs like to do, going through our outstanding president of the bush foundation, trash. and in minnesota, in a tree. ambassador mark langdale. i am thrilled that this center we are told these bears have is going to be at southern methodist university. been in that tree for three [applause] weeks. we are told that they should be in a cave by now.
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it is sleep time. i thank president gerald they do not know how to get it turner, s.m.u.'s distinguished down -- them down, but may we suggest a trampoline? faculty and staff, and a stew and then, there is this before we wrap things up in studio b. student body for sharing their dateline memphis. campus. it is prelt pretty exciting two security guards shoot at a for a 63-year-old to be back truck driver for what police on a college campus. believed to be no reason at all and then dragged him from the vehicle and beat the crap out of him. i would pop in on a class from he refuses to show the rent-a- time to time. come to think of it, that was cop his i.d. my strategy when i was a student. one year from now, we're going the driver tries to vacate the to break ground on our new building here at s.m.u. so property he never actually this is a fitting time to give entered, and they fired their you an update on what i have handguns repeatedly. the windshield was shattered, been doing and share our vision for the george w. bush the tire blown, neighbors presidential center. rattles, but it is not over. first, i'm pleased to report there is life after the white house. the 35-year-old man dragged him laura and i are happy, healthy and home, right here
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in the promised land. out of the vehicle, while his [applause] partner on the right kicks him in the mouth. why? no clue. i've had some interesting days after my retirement from the guard was asked why he shot politics. i actually got a job offer in the first place, and he when i first came back to be a answered, "because my partner greeter at elliott's hardware. was shooting." on top of all of that, there were people there at the time. as i tell laura, we may be one resident of the apartment complex where it all happened retired but i'm not tired. i have given speeches in eight heard the noises, saw what happened, could not believe it, states, six countries and five he told action news 5 in canadian provinces. i'm writing a book that gives memphis, and now, i quote, "them readers my perspective on my toughest decisions which will hit the shelves next fall. security guards ain't no good." most importantly, laura and i are working to build the il presidential center here at s.m.u. and the center will provide a platform for us to continue our public service for the rest of our lives, which i hope is a long time. the center will be housed in an elegant building designed
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by a first class architect robert stern. it will be landscaped by an innovative genius, michael vablg voblgenberg. inside, visitors will find three components, an archive, museum and policy institute. first, the archive will preserve the documents and records of my presidency. there will be about 4 million photos, thousands of boxes of documents, and hundreds of millions of e-mails, not one of them mine. the archive will be a priceless resource for historians. i know firsthand, because i'm using the materials to write my memoirs. i appreciate the hard work of the professionals from the national archives and records administration led by its superb director, alan lowe. second, the museum will tell
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the story of my presidency through my most consequential decisions. we will use technology and innovative design to make the exhibits interactive, educational and relative to the future. visitors will see the bullhorn i used on my first visit to ground zero, the oval office. they will be able to romp in a texas rose garden. finally, the center will include a vibrant hub of principle thought and practical action, the bush institute. i ran for public office because i saw society drifting away from the values at the heart of the american dream. i pledged to govern based on principles an empower people to improve their lives. i believe that free markets open the path to opportunity, that a successful society requires personal responsibility, that freedom is universal and transformative, and that every
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human life has dignity and value. i follow those principles throughout my time in public service, but they're not mine alone. they are timeless ideals that inspired our nation's founders and they will guide all the work of the bush institute. the institute's mission is to advance policy initiatives that expand freedom, opportunity, responsibility and compassion. the institute will be independent. the institute will be non- partisan. every project the institute undertakes will be designed to make an impact in the real world. like any successful organization, the institute will set priorities, and measure results. we have selected four initial areas to focus -- education, global, health, economic freedom and economic growth. programming will start this spring under the leadership of the institute's first
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executive director, an innovative journalist, scholar and ambassador, jim glassman. the institute's first area focus is going to be education, a fitting place to start. education was my top priority as governor and top domestic priority as president. obviously it's a top pry or i did of southern -- priority of southern methodist university as well. i believe every child can learn. every school should be responsible for results and make sure children embrace the basics. this was the philosophy behind the non-partisan no child left behind act, which helped lift student performance and narrow the achievement gap across this country. the bush institute will build on this hopeful progress. the partnership with the school of education and human development, we will bring together scholars and
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practitioners and pursue the next steps in education reform. we'll develop research to help prepare more effective teachers and enable schools to make better use of the data collected and tools provided by no child left behind. to lead these efforts, i'm pleased to introduce the bush institute's first two education fell lows, our director of education policy studies will be dr. jim guthrie. jim is currently a professor of leadership at vanderbilt university where he helped lift the education school to the nation's top ranking. over his distinguished career, he has authored or co-authored over 20 books and more than 200 scholarly articles. january 1, he will be our first concurrent fellow with his appointment at the bush institute and a full professor at southern methodist university. i want to thank president
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turner, provost don lunden and dan shermer for bringing this to a new venture. i first mentioned this two decades when i supported his campaign for the dallas school board but made that decision and what made that decision is that he happened to have served as the democratic party chairman for dallas county. we shared a conviction that high standards and accountability are essential to improving schools. sandy won the election and went on to ably lead the board of trustees. i am pleased that he will share his talent and experience at the education department of policy and outreach. jim and sandy will conduct an innovative project on
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education leadership. many studies have concluded that the quality of schools is directly related to the quality of their leaders, the principals and state tores. yet there has been little research on how to effectively recruit, prepare, evaluate and reward these leaders. the bush institute will fill that gap. we will start with a national conference on education leadership at s.m.u. next march. the institute's second area of focus will be global health. i believe in the timeless call to whom much is given, much is required. it should affect the conscience of our country when a child goes hungry or dies needlessly from a mosquito bite. i also believe americans have strategic interest in alleviating diseases and lifting societies out of despair. hopeful healthy productive
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societies are less likely to be sources of violence and instability and more likely to be partners in trade and prosperity and peace. this is the conviction behind the emergency plan for aids relief, the malaria initiative, and the millennium challenge account. these programs represent a new approach to development, based on partnership, not paternalism. america provides funding and support and in return, partner nations develop their own strategy, and are held accountable for results. the country ownership will drive the global initiative to search for effective ways to deliver health services to people in desperate need, especially on the continent of africa. our first global health forum will have the foremost experts on developing disease,
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ambassador mark diobol. mark is a humble decent effective man, and the coordinator for aids relief, he led the effort to expand the number of patients receiving anti-viral treatment from 200,000 in 1983 to over 2 million in 2008. he is in africa today, beginning work on a project focused on mothers and newborn children. this is an area where research is urgently needed. infant and maternal mortality rates remain unexcessively high in the developing world. as part of his fellowship with the bush institute, mark will develop a strategy to provide timely effective and comprehensive health services to new mothers and babies and here is how he defined his goal, as saving as many lives as quickly as possible, and the bush institute will support that goal. the instute's third area of
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focus will be human freedom. as i said in my second inaugural address, extending the reach of freedom is the urgent requirement of our nation's security and the calling of our time. history shows that free societies are peaceful society. governments that are respecting the rights of their people are more likely to respect thites of their neighbors. young people with a voice in their future will not search for meaning and extremism. we have seen it transform power of freedom in our lifetime, especially if you're a baby boomer, and japan transform from a brutal enemy to a democratic and peaceful ally, and a south korea that rose from the rub rl of war into a dynamic democracy, and 20 yires ago -- 20 years ago this week in berlin where people were denied liberty for decades defied their
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oppressors and tore down the wall. there are many reasons for america's victory in the cold war including the steady hand of our 41st president and one crucial factor was america's support for dissidence. critics dismissed his policy as as simplistic and naive at the time, and then came the stories from prisoners in the gulag who tapped out the words of president reagan's speeches, and learned that america saw their oppressors as they did, destined for defeat. today, the forces of freedom and tolerance face new challenges, and once again, people on the front lines looking to the united states. labor camps in north korea, political prisoners in cuba and burma, university halls in venezuela and other places, dissidents and reformers are looking for support and
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strength and when america stands for liberty, they take heart. if not, the dictators tighten their grip. throughout my presidency laura met with democratic activists and families of political prisoners. the bush institute will continue this cause. by supporting advocates of freedom around the globe. the first step, we will assemble a freedom collection, a e pos tory of video -- a repository of video memoirs from democratic activists. the freedom collection will be on-line for the world to see. among the leaders who have agreed to participate are former president cabul from the czech republic and the former president of liberia and founder of iran's revoluntionary guard who became an advocate for democratic change, conk
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schwaun who spent ten years in a south korean goo log and the bush institute will send a message to dissidents and underground leaders and political prisoners around the world, we hear your voice, and as you stand from your freedom, free people will stand with you, and i'm also pleased to announce the bush institute's first fellow in human free dough, oscar moralis rivera. for decades they suffered under the far-c, a brutal terrorist network and used facebook to launch a movement called "one million voices against the farc." a month later, more than 12 million people in 40 countries turned out to rally for no more farc. thanks to oscar and the strong
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leadership of the colombian president, the farc is in retreat and the colombian people are better off. as part of his fellowship, oscar will organize a con fence that brings together cyber dissidents from around the world to share lessons on using the internet to promote democratic change. the institute's fourth area of focus will be economic growth. i believe the role of government is not to create wealth, but to create the conditions that allow entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive. i believe in the power of free enterprise, which made the decision i faced last fall one of the most difficult of my presidency. it went against my free market insipghts instincts and approved a government interruption so we could avoid a major depression and to put
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in a risk/reward to government spending control. the threat is not too little government involvement, but too much. the bush institute will promote itself to he promoting economic growth at home and abroad much one of our first projects will be to convene a task force of leading economists to promote free trade. trade has been one of the world's most powerful engines for economic growth, and one of the most effective ways to lift people out of poverty. yet a 60-year movement toward trade liberalization is under threat from creeping protectionism and isolationism. the bush institute task force will analyze the benefits of trade that trade has delivered in the past and the opportunities it can create for american workers and developing nations in the future. another key ingredient to economic growth is the clean,
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affordable reliable energy supply. thanks to recent advances in drilling technology, america's natural gas reserves have expanded by about 35% thus far. america has enough natural gas to last us an estimated 90 years. this is a hugely important development. natural gas is a clean burning fuel that can generate electricity, power machinery and run vehicles and all of it will be domestically produced. next april, the bush institute will collaborate with the mcgwire energy institute of m.s.u.'s cox business school to host a conference titled "natural gas nation." experts from around the country will explore the economic, environmental and national security consequences of the boom in natural gas. the conference will help educate americans on these dramatic new discoveries, and
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point the way towards stronger, cleaner economic growth for america and the world. within all four areas of focus, education, global, human freedom and economic growth, the bush institute will prioritize involvement from two important groups, social entrepreneurs and women. just as business entrepreneurs pioneer new ideas to create jobs, social entrepreneurs find innovative ways to turn around lives, which institute will promote social entrepreneurship and shining the spotlight on successful agents of change, including faith-based organizations. next year, the institute will host a conference on social entrepreneurship, and we will present an award honoring an organization that has achieved outstanding results, an area such as mentoring the children of prisoners, assisting addicts in recovery, or
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combatting sex trafficking. laura and i believe that women are prowerful catalysts for social change, so the bush institute will include an ongoing women's initiative to encourage and empower women in many different fields, saving the lives of new mothers in africa, to supporting women entrepreneurs here in america and around the world, to encourage women reformers. i strongly believe women will lead the democracy movement in the middle east and they will have an ally in the bush institute. i'm excited about our women's initiative, in part because we have a dynamic leader person to lead it. ladies and gentlemen, laura bush. [applause] >> thank you all. thanks so much. thanks, everyone.
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thank you, all. thanks, everybody. george and i are very enthusiastic about every part of the institute, but i'm especially excited about the women's initiative. the women's initiative will focus on advancing social and economic opportunities for women and girls around the world, and it will be integrated into every part of the institute's focus. shepard: there you go, former president george w. bush and his wife laura speaking of the bush institute which will open at s.m.u. and they have been working very hard on it says the former presidentment he laid out the challenges and what they're hoping to accomplish with the bush institute and told us a little bit about life after the white house and how great it was to be back home in the promised land. you know he means that. the bushes love texas. it was never any secret and to
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get back to the ranch in crawford was a deem come true. he looks tan, like it has been a good time in texas. karl rove is the architect, obviously, former bush senior white house advisor. great to see you, hello. >> hey, shep. how are you? shepard: i'm great. i think it is the first time we have seen him live in a live event like this in the daytime at least on fox news. he looked relaxed and good. what have they been up to? >> well, they have got a house here in dallas and spend time at the ranch. he is working on a book. he spent a lot of time working on the presidential center which will be the archives, museum and most important to him and mrs. bush, the institute, and you know, just settling in back home. he is a texan. he loves being home at the ranch and being home with his friends in texas and life is good for him. >> he left in a fire stomplet i mean -- he left in a firestorm and the media always
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picked on him. he has made light of it and it is how he dealt with it along the way. i'm guessing if anybody on planet earth has been glad to get away from the cameras, it is probably former president bush, right? >> well, it's more important than getting away from the cameras that he felt it was important as a former president to give the new president a respectful time in which the former president had exited the stage and left it to the new president. he didn't want to return home to texas and begin pontificating about politics again. there is a time for him to reemerge and begin to lay out his views and describe to the american people and help explain to the american people what his time in office was really all about. he said i believe it's important for the new president not to have the old president trying to hog the stage, so it's a deliberate pattern on his part. >> sometimes when somebody retires from a job, the person that takes that job gets friendly advice along the way, a little whisper here and
3:27 pm
there outside the glaring eyes of the people who work for them or maybe in this case the rest of the country. have they had a little of that kind of moment? >> i will leave the private conversations, if any, between president obama and president bush for them to describe. i will tell you that president bush appreciated the advice he got during his time in office from president clinton. after all, there are a very small number of people who have held this job and occupied that office, so being able to received a vice and counsel from his father, the former president, but to receive add size from -- to received a vice from former president clinton to receive advice from the former president clinton was very important to him. >> i remember that. i just wondered if you knew there had been any private conner conservations? >> i will leave that for him to tell you about. they had a warm sit on january 20th as president bush left
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office and president obama came into office. i will left it up to them to explain what has transpired since then. shepard: karl rove, thank you. >> come on down to texas. shepard: i'm ready f you can get me a vacation, i will will head right on down. >> i'll talk to management this afternoon. shepard: you are the man, sir. we have a new poll. president obama is making his first trip to asia. what should be his top priority in asia. that's our question on the shep page. here is the poll. this is more interesting. this is jonathan hunt giving a tour of his office. there is not a lot of news in that, but it is on the landing page of fox new jz com/shep and as you can see, he is a very big fan of harris falkner, and who isn't, really, but you should go check that out. don't like to a liar, you are not very busy. get on over to the foxes
3:29 pm and see jonathan hunt making a crazy bork of himself. i'm allowed to say that, we're good friends. a couple of big things coming up. next, judge andrew napolitano on the new charges against the man accused of going on the shooting rampage in fort hood, texas and what is the man tell you inside the t.v. box told you right before the show ends i'm going to tell you the greatest crime story you have heard in a month, the greatest. you're going to be stunned by it and you haven't heard it yet. that's coming up.
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shepard: the top story of the day, the case accused of a shooting rampage a week ago in fort hood. the army says it is charging major -- i have the hardest time with his name -- dr. major nidal hasan. 13 counts of pre-mediated murder, one for each of the 13 persons who died at the army post last thursday. the department of defense tells us conviction would mean the death penalty. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here to fill us in on the legal aspects of the case. the thing about this is not -- where are you? there you go. it is not in civilian court. it is in military court. >> right. shepard: so in theory he is tried in a court of his military peers. >> he will be tried by a jury of 12 members of the military presided over by a judge and
3:33 pm
he will have basically the same rights an constitutional protection in the time leading up to the trial and during the trial that he would have if he was being tried in a civilian court. he does have an additional added protection that doesn't exist in civilian court, and that is a mini trial before this one starts. it is called an article 32 hearing. if this were be civilian case are the government would present the evidence to a grand jury in secret. in the military the presentation of that evidence is in public, instead of a grand jury, there is a judge. instead of the defense being absent as in the grand jury case, the defendant is there with his lawyer who can challenge the government's evidence and cross-examine the government's weakness, sort of a pretrial mini trial, which is of enormous advantage to the defendant, in which the government will evaluate the government's case a year before there will be a jury trial. at this article 32 hearing,
3:34 pm
the government has two obligations t must present a basic case. it must show that it has enough evidence from which a neutral jure i could conclude that he did what the government says he did, and it must prove that it has enough evidence to show that he is sane at the time he did this. if the government can't prove both of those to the satisfaction of this military judge, he goes free. he i could walk out of fort hood as a free person. it is unlikely but that's what the law mandates. >> the other thing i'm curious about is obviously the defense wants this held at fort hood. they do this sort of thing at fort hood all the time on every kind of violation you might imagine like any city or municipality runs court, but you know that the defense is asking for a change of venue. how does that work in the military? >> it would go to another military post -- shepard: would it have to be a
3:35 pm
post? would it have to be army? >> it would have to be army and it would have to be where the military judges were satisfied but not the saturation of negative publicity and drip, drip, drip of bad evidence we have heard about him over the past week. the drip, drip, drip satisfies our curiosity but with every drop makes the government's case more difficult because it's more difficult to find jurors who don't have opinion of his guilt. >> they could have it on the moon. >> would be tough to find anyplace. the solution is the passage of time. prediction, it will be at least three years before there is a jury trial, a criminal military jury trial of major hasan. shepard: you heard it here. is there an over or under on that? >> no. you know more about it than i do. shepard: judge napolitano, it is wonderful to see you. >> pleasant, shep. >> mike tyson, if you look at his life on the whole, how it
3:36 pm
started, how it progressed, how it is now, it is is a sad, sad thing, isn't it? i mean, just as an outsider looking in, it looks like this man has been taken advantage of, pushed and pulled, and just man, well, it has happened again. there has been a scuffle with a photographer. this are new accusations. we will have them ahead. don't forget that story ry promised at the end of the program. don't forget. quality and reliability...
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shepard: mike tyson is in trouble with the law again after a scuffle with a photog at los angeles international airport. cops spoke to mike and the papparazi each on battery charges but each claim the other man started the altercation. as you probably known, iron mike has had a number of run-ins with the law. in 1992, he served three years in prison for rape n '99, tyson did three and a half months in jail for assaulting two people at a car accident. and most recently, police in arizona busted mike for drunk driving and cocaine possession in 2007. fox news is on the job hunt. today slightly encouraging news suggests the economy could be on the mend. according to the labor department, 500,000 more people applied for unemployment benefits last week lachtd month. that's good? you ask how could it be spun
3:40 pm
into something good. well, it is the fewest that have applied in a single week since january and it is therefore, good news. let it be. this morning, president obama spoke about the steps he says he is taking to revive our economy. >> through the recovery act, we've cut taxes to middle chas families, ebs tended an an extended unemployment insurance and create or saved more than a mill million jobs. as a result, the economy is growing again for the first time in more than a year and faster than at any time in the past two years. shepard: there you go. now there is a report that the number of jobs created under the stimulus plan may not be what they say it is. we have james rosen reporting on the jobs front, but first jim angle with he details on stimulus jobs. so this is kind of an eye of the bee beholder kind of thing, you know what they say about statistics you can do what you want with them, but i'm sure we have alternate views. >> there is a lost confusion
3:41 pm
on the numbers. since the station announced with great precision a couple of weeks ago that 640,329 jobs have been created, there have been questions about that. now, as you just heard the president say, a million, so there seems to be some difference even within the administration. today, newspapers around the country, shep, are reporting that the number of jobs in their states is nowhere what the administration is claiming for instance, the boston globe reported the claims of 12,000 jobs created in massachusetts were, as the paper put it, wildly exaggerated. for example, the city of walden reported that a $630,000 solar panel installed on city hall created ten jobs. problem is, the work hasn't started yet. there is according to the globe reports of bridge water state college received more than $77,000 of stimulus money for 160 full-time work study jobs but reported the actual number of new jobs was almost nothing. and other states are reporting numbers from their areas of
3:42 pm
bogus numbers. >> yeah, you've got wisconsin, south carolina, lots of places, headstart programs in several states according to the stimulus money says it saved hundreds of jobs when the money was used to give raises to current employees and created no new jobs. the milwaukee sentinal found another case in which five jobs was listed as 50 and double counted so five turned into 100. how do these mistakes happen? there are a lot of ways it can get exaggerated knox one has a compelling incentive to get the numbers right. indeed, a lot of people feel it is their job to say the stimulus is working. there is a tendency to say that lots of jobs are created. shepard: so along with an earlier report that 50 jobs were saved in arkansas based on the purchase of one lawnmower, you get the idea the numbers are a little loose jim, thank you. there is one thing the
3:43 pm
recession has shown us and it is that no segment of the economy is completely immune, so the tech sector, that has been a bitter pill to swallow vn herndon, virginia, standing very tall. >> for once, shep. the high-tech industry has accounted for 13% of the job losses in total that this country suffered in the first three-quarters of this year, but in general, the high-tech sector has come late to the recessionary dance where we are along the i-66 high-tech corridor outside the nation's capitol. software assistance firms are feeling the pinch but only recently as late as the fourth quarter of last year, the software services industry was still adding jobs but they lost 10,000 in the first six months of this week. adobe, maker of photo shop and other computer software announced it will cut 680. microsoft cutting 800, and sprint dex nefl tell cupping up to 2,500 and sun
3:44 pm
microsystems have announced cuts of up to 3,000 as it awaits a possible takeover by oracle. >> long time, silicone sally will be fine. our housing market is just down a little bit compared to the rest of the nation. we vun 'em employment problems but they are not massive. >> it enables every sector of the economy. as we see a general rebound, we will see a general rebound. we think we made the leaders of that. >> shep, we are broadcasting from the center of innovative technology along the i-66 corridor. one of the neighbors on the corridor, a software business, we will look at them on "special report." their growth has only been 20% instead of the usual 08%. how they're succeeding when we come back with "special report" at 6:00 eastern. shepard: 6:00 eastern, "special report." will you be walking around in that building again?
3:45 pm
>> serving coffee and generally enjoying myself. shepard: i'm coming. james, it's wonderful to see you. thank you so much. i have been telling you about this story we're doing at end of the program, a crime story and somebody got beaten up. why, you maybe ask? we are, are too. cheer clear
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shepard: we have been running about the poll we're running
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at get over there. president owe bouma making his first trip to asia. what should be his top priority? half say economy, a third say terrorism. one percent say climate change. 2% aren't sure about much of anything. i'm in that category. major garrett is traveling with the president and is in tokyo, streaming live. hello, m.g. >> good morning, shepard from troak yo. i want to assure our viewers this really is tokyo. this is not a marriott in, let's say, hoboken, new jersey, though it very much looks like one. we are in tokyo. we don't have the white house press pool up for our beautiful skyline shots. that will come later or something like that. back now to afghanistan, the real news. the president is flying to elmendorf air force base near anchorage talking about the
3:49 pm
combat forces in afghanistan. at yesterday's meeting at the white house, the situation, the president said, the options presented are to him, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 or 40,000 more troops is not specific with the crucial decision, when can the troops lead along with their comrades and when will afghan police and army forces be prepared and ready to take over some of the security tasks that the u.s. forces being asked to perform in afghanistan. he also had with him a cable written by carl eikenberry, a ambassador in afghanistan. the president was informed in that cable that he had deep misgivings about sending any more u.s. forces to afghanistan. why? because of the glacial problems with training them and problems with the afghan government. one of the reasons the president is taking his time on the decision is to increase the pressure onto karzai government to take tangible steps to address corruption,
3:50 pm
because the administration feels if it puts more boots on the ground without tackling corruption, karzai will feel he has a free hand and the u.s. doesn't want him to feel that way. shepard: right now, major garrett live from the dentist ist's office in sha boy sheyboygan, wisconsin. investigators are digging up land in missouri, searching for glass jars that were buried decades ago, jars that may contain clues they believe to horrific sex acts against children. that story in 2 and a half minutes. . announcer: are you one
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>> male announcer: call now for free shipping and discreet delivery of your tena products from liberty medical. with your order you'll also receive a free sample of tena disposable wipes. call the number on your screen or visit úú shepard: size men accused of sexually abusing children in their own samlet over the last seven years -- five men. investigators are searching their place about 30 miles east of kansas city. here are in their mug shots, all five of them. cops say they learned about the case when a woman came forward this summer. she and other alleged victims buried in glass jars are around the property, describing what was happening to them back in the day. she thought it would help them have the bad memories go away. we have more from our new york city newsroom with epo rick.
3:54 pm
-- with rick folbaum.
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